Lachlan Giles Announces $100,000 Fund to Help the Growth Of Jiu-Jitsu In Australia

Australian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend, Lachlan Giles has just announced that an anonymous donation of $100,000 USD has been given to him to distribute to Australian jiu jitsu athletes in an attempt to help grow the success of athletes, and the sport in general, in Australia.

Giles has been trusted to dish out the funds how he sees fit and he has created a list of requirements for individuals who may be interested in being a part of this project. The amount converts to $146,676,94 in AUD. The criteria essentially boils down to active competitors in the country who are succeeding at the highest levels (brown/black belt) in the world’s most prestigious tournaments.

Lachlan Giles has said that there’s no restrictions on what the athletes can spend the money on, but having some cash reserved specifically for competing will be a great helping hand to any jiu jitsu competitor. Athletes could use the money to cover the cost of their competitions, transport, hotels, as well as on nutritionists, rehab and recovery and anything else which will encourage longevity, them being their best selves, and enable them to continue doing what they love whilst inspiring others in Australia to do the same.

This is a fantastic opportunity that Giles has created for the high-level BJJ athletes of Australia, and a great way to boost promotion of the sport as well. Giles is one of the most successful BJJ competitors to ever come out of Australia, so its no surprise he wants to develop the scene and get more competitors from AUS out there competing internationally and repping the flag.


Lachlan Giles announced the news of the $100,000 fund that he’s received to help the growth of Jiu-Jitsu in Australia, and explained how he’ll be giving out the first half to active high-level grapplers in the country, in a recent post to the Australian BJJ Community group on FaceBook:

The requirements go as followed:
– Brown/black belt with existing outstanding international achievements.
– Must be an Australian citizen, and have either started jiu jitsu in Australia or progressed through the ranks in Australia.
– You must be currently competing.
– Have medalled in adult brown or black belt divisions at IBJJF Worlds, Pan Ams or Europeans from 2019 or at the most recent (2022) ADCC trials. You have to have won at least one match to receive the medal, if it was a default then it doesn’t count.
– You need to spend at least eight months per year in Australia, helping the local scene.
– You can’t have a criminal conviction related to sexual misconduct or violence or else you will be excluded.
– No PED’s. If there are rumours, you may ask to be tested.

If you fit the criteria above, send Lachlan Giles a message addressing each of these points and see what happens!

The post Lachlan Giles Announces $100,000 Fund to Help the Growth Of Jiu-Jitsu In Australia appeared first on Grappling Insider.

The post Lachlan Giles Announces $100,000 Fund to Help the Growth Of Jiu-Jitsu In Australia appeared first on Grappling Insider.

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