Jungle Fight 31 going down tonight

Conterrâneo and Orgulho in staredown at weigh-ins / Publicity photo

Jungle Fight 31 is set to go down tonight in Itu, São Paulo state, and the team is at their posts in the venue to cover the event.

Among the main attractions is the title fight between Marcelo Guimarães and Lucas Rotta and the showdown pitting Edson Conterrâneo against Cleber Orgulho.

The promotional belt will be on the line in the evening's main event. Publicity photo.

“It’s going to be war in the ring. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose at Jungle Fight, if you put up a good fight, give your blood, you’ll be back,” says promoter Wallid Ismail.

Check out the complete card:

Jungle Fight 31
Itu, São Paulo
August 20, 2011

Marcelo Guimarães vs Lucas Rotta
Edson Conterrâneo vs Cleber Orgulho
Gil de Freitas vs Marinho de Conceição do Araguaia
Douglas Bertazini vs Joni “Joni Little” Edurado
Fernando Kioshi vs Diego Akita
João Paulo Pereira vs Marcelo Cruz

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