Judo Legend Teddy Riner Regularly Trains BJJ: ‘This Might Win Me the Gold at the Next Olympics’

Double Olympic champion & 10x world champion Teddy Riner (FRA) is the greatest ever heavyweight and a strong candidate for greatest Judoka of all time.

At 2.04 m and 140kg, he is a physical specimen, but has developed that body due to a strict strength and conditioning routine that was partially uncovered in this article:

Inside Look Into Teddy Riner’s Work out Routine That Makes Him Unbeatable

Teddy Riner has been regularly training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with France’s best BJJ black belts. The training sessions are organised by the CFJJB (French Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu federation) which closely works together with France’s Judo federation.

In the instagram posts of the federation, you can see his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training sessions in a superb atmosphere followed by sparrings with France’s best BJJ athletes Seif Houmine, Reda Hamzaoui, Didier Martial, Zakaria Arhab and Reda Mebtouche.

This was a very constructive exchange in the presence of Franck Chambily, trainer of Teddy Riner and the BJJ delegation represented by David Giorsetti, Alain Nagera, and François Laurent.

n a recent interview with French newspaper L’Equipe, Teddy Riner talked about his recent Jiu-Jitsu training may be the key to him earning another gold medal at the 2024 Olympic games in Paris, France:

“I managed to incorporate techniques on the ground that will serve me for my judo. The main thing is to do something qualitative, to learn new things to progress and add weapons to my scheme. Not everything is in place yet, but it’s coming.”

“For the moment it hasn’t materialized too much in competition but in training, as soon as I fight in ne waza, I see the difference. I gained in mobility and that’s interesting because the opponent can’t follow. The idea is above all to gain in speed of execution. That’s what I’m trying to lean towards.”


Who are the Judokas with The Best Ground Game?

Teddy Riner says that he is taking from BJJ only what is useful to him in a Judo context:

“They’re not going to give us knee locks or shoulder locks too much. They could, because on the ground, they are light years away. In six seconds they can fold the fight. But they open the game, so that we can feel the trick and so that we can progress. They have lots of interesting techniques but I don’t take everything they show me. Sometimes I only remember one detail, but it may be the one that will make the difference in the Olympic final. On the day of the Games, whoever is hungriest will win.”



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