Jiujitsu; A Universal Language

I noticed something the other night as I was training and for some reason it really struck me as pretty awesome, so I decided to write about it.

At one point or another you may cross paths with someone that includes some type of barrier. In my opinion, one of the biggest barriers is that of language. Language barriers can be tough to work through. I mean, how can you communicate with someone that doesn’t speak your language or understand you? Well, the other night I learned that with Jiujitsu it is very easy.

I was partnered with a girl the other evening who is visiting the gym for a bit. She was quiet, but I realized it was because she did not speak English well. Within moments, I realized we were solely communicating through our use of Jiujitsu, and I thought it was amazing. The art of Jiujitsu is beautiful within itself, but to be able to communicate using it, was just very powerful to me.

If I did something incorrectly, she would take my hand or foot and move it where it needed to be. Following this placement she would look at me for a nod of approval and understanding. If I was doing a transition incorrectly, she would stop me and non-verbally show me what to do. When we finished a drill or match, we would smile and do a fist bump showing our respect to each other. It was awesome being able to break down that language barrier with our use of the sport. I mean, sometimes I have trouble communicating with people that do speak the same language as me, but this just proved how powerful Jiujitsu can be. It truly is a universal sport and art.

To some people, this may not seem like anything exciting. A lot of people may just look at Jiujitsu as a physical sport, but there is so much more to it. It is a sport and art that allows people from all over to come and learn together. It doesn’t matter your gender, your race, your language, Jiujitsu allows us to interact and communicate. To be honest, anyone could probably get through a Jiujitsu class without even using language or speaking. Jiujitsu is based on technique and detail. There is so much of a visual aspect involved, at least in my opinion. Just by watching and focusing on the technique you would most likely be able to pick it up.

I never really thought about this aspect of Jiujitsu, but to conclude, it is just another reason to add to the list on why it is amazing. What an amazing sport that allows us to break down barriers and learn together. I encourage everyone to share stories that encourage a positive and inspiring learning environment!

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