“I believe the Diet is the only thing more important than our Jiu-Jitsu”

Next Saturday Rorion will be having a book signing to launch his latest book, with 106 precious pages for a cost of just twenty-five dollars. The book by Helio Gracie’s first born is titled “The Gracie Diet Book”, in which he pays tribute to his uncle Carlos.

“O Jiu-Jitsu is now globally recognized as the most effective form of combat known to man.  But you should also know that our Jiu-Jitsu is only part of the secret to our health and vitality,” remarks Rorion.

Beyond being merely a diet, Rorion credits the guidelines for eating as being a philosophy and lifestyle. “Developed by our beloved Uncle Carlos over a period of sixty-five years, I believe the Diet is the only thing more important than our Jiu-Jitsu,” he says.

Rorion says he managed to put together a simple, clearcut, and detailed guide on how and why the family eats in such a way for people who have heard of the Diet but not gone so far as to follow it.

“The Gracie Diet is my lasting tribute to Uncle Carlos and the gift he gave to all of us in developing this amazing nutritional regimen,” says Rorion.

The book signing will be held December 11 at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Torrance, California, from 2 to 4 pm. For further information, call (310) 353-4100.

To find out even more about the Gracie Diet, subscribe to your favorite Jiu-Jitsu magazine, with special monthly articles and sections on the dietary method, by clicking here.

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