How To Shut Down That Annoying Deep Half Guard

The Deep Half Guard! It’s a very powerful position that will control guard passers immediately.

The general principle of using Deep Half Guard is that your one arm is in, that your hips are in as well, and that you control the opponent’s hips, being close to them with your face.

Are you tired of that training partner that is constantly putting you in his annoying deep half guard? You know, that one where your opponent has their arms wrapped around one of your legs and is underneath you, trying to sweep or submit you.

DHG as they call it, can be frustrating. Don’t stress out. There are a few simple ways that you can use to not just escape the deep half guard but completely shut it down.

Marcos Tinoco has trained many times with DHG specialist Bernardo Faria so he knows that game and knows how to shut it down.

Tinoco shows you how to prevent the deep half guard from ever happening in the first place and some easy ways to pass if your opponent does manage to get there.

The most important is to stay calm and composed, keep your balance and posture, grip fight to control their head and arm, and look to pass the guard as soon as possible.

No more deep half guard problems for you.

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