How about burning some fat while you sleep?

Photo: Josh Hedges

Alan Belcher has some highlight-reel wins in the UFC (the latest over Patrick Coté at UFC 113), and his twitter has loads of faithful followers.

Besides describing the routine of a fighter’s life, @alanbelcherufc also discloses important eating tips.

How to burn fat… while you sleep.

“It sounds crazy, I know. But just check it out…,” the middleweight begins.

“First off, the food is cottage cheese. And you want to eat some about an hour or less before you go to bed.. Cottage cheese takes a long time for your body to break down. It has to really work at it.

“So all night long, while you sleep and dream and rest for another day… your metabolism will be going! And you’ll be burning fat all over your body!,” he says in summary.

“Now, this isn’t going to make you slim and thin over night… But combine this with exercise and healthy eating, and you’ve got yourself a powerful trick to speed up your results,” he explains.

What about you, got a good dieting pointer? Post your diet or pointer in our Gracie Diet section and help become an even more useful and helpful health and lifestyle portal.

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