How a champion is born

Ary against Malfacine / Photo: Ivan Trindade

The first time he appeared on the pages of GRACIEMAG was in 2004, as a second, by Ronaldo Jacaré’s side. Since then, Ary Farias has collected titles and won gold on his very debut at black belt, at the European Open 2011, with a win over three-time world champion Bruno Malfacine, in an evenly-matched affair.

“I won on a trifle, by 6 to 4, in an all-out war. But Bruno is a phenomenon and is still number 1,” says Aryzinho in a can’t-miss interview on the pages of GRACIEMAG #168 (click here to subscribe), now in bookstores.

“It’s unreal to think I’ll always win, but I also hope defeat won’t come. I know that some day or another a black belt is going to get the better of me at a championship. Defeat I have every day, in training and in life. But I wasn’t born to lose, I have the spirit and soul of a champion and I’m working to strengthen that,” he says.

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