10 reasons to run sign up for the Pan – only today left!

Secured your spot at the 2011 Pan yet? If not, click here and check out ten good reasons to do so.

10. To see up close the fans of Alliance, Gracie Barra, Gracie Humaitá, Lloyd Irvin and others during the finals – something akin only to the classic showdowns in the world’s most popular sports.

9. To try for an historic medal. After all, the Pan is the longest-running competition in international Jiu-Jitsu.

8. To cross paths in the stands with MMA stars of the past, present and future. Cain Velasquez, BJ Penn, Frank Mir, Rodrigo Minotauro and plenty more spilt sweat on the same California mats as you.

7. To have a chance to beat a future fight star and one day tell your grand kids about it.

6. To shoot the breeze with a cage-fighting star, who will be there to watch true Jiu-Jitsu stars: you and your teammates!

5. The Pan is more than a championship, it’s a great, big Jiu-Jitsu fair. The big brands, teachers and gyms are always there. Not to mention the GRACIEMAG stand, always a show of its own.

4. You could very well be the best fighter of the Americas today. . . and not yet know it. How do you find out? By competing.

3. Besides competing, you will also learn from a dozen black belt world champions, all signed up for the 2011 Pan – like Bernardo Faria, Rafael Mendes, Gabi Garcia and other.

2. An aesthetic reason: the official Pan T-shirt, which you receive with sign-up, is awesome. Whenever you wear it, you’ll remember the experience you had.

1. It’s your chance to put on a show and try and show up on and – who knows? – maybe even the magazine. It doesn’t hurt to remind you, the Pan photo gallery on the website always leads in the number of hits – an elaborate move, a strong campaign and – voilà! – you participation at the Pan has been made timeless.

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