Half Guard Leg Positions

Someone once defined insanity as “continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results“. This applies to grappling as well as the rest of life, and it is very true when you are in the half guard position.

Say you are under your opponent in the half guard, and your bread and butter sweep series just isn’t working: perhaps he’s too heavy, too nimble or too canny. Time to abandon ship, move to a different position and try a different technique.

One part of being able to switch strategies easily is knowing how to position your legs. The legs perform several different functions in half guard, including:

  • preventing your opponent from passing your guard
  • preventing your opponent from submitting you
  • making or removing space between you and your opponent
  • lifting and moving your opponent

When I first analyzed my half guard game I realized that, almost all the time, I was in one of seven leg positions. These leg positions, which I cover in detail in my Dynamic Half Guard DVD, are:

  1. Inside Single Hook
  2. Single Triangle
  3. Outside Leg Hook
  4. Double Triangle (Outside)
  5. Double Triangle (Inside)
  6. Knee Block
  7. Half Butterfly Guard

Knowing different leg positions for half guard is one thing, but being able to move between them is another, so I refined a drill to train the movements BETWEEN half guard positions. This drill doesn’t include all seven leg positions, and it doesn’t need to: the movement of the hips is the key, and once learned you can apply it to all half guard positions and to mobility on the ground in general.

Here’s that half guard leg position drill; try it out and I guarantee that it will make you much more mobile and comfortable in the half guard:

Click here to see the same Half Guard Leg Positions video on YouTube.

If you would like to improve your half guard and make it an offensive attacking position, check out my highly reviewed training video called ‘The Dynamic Half Guard‘ with over 100 techniques, drills and variations.

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