GSP counts on Ximu in preparing for Koscheck

Ximu com Greg Jackson e GSP. Foto: arquivo pessoal.

Now in Montreal, Canada, Gracie Barra black belt Gustavo Ximu contacted

“I took a photo with my cell phone and I’m sending it to you! It didn’t come out too good, but it has me, Georges St.-Pierre and renowned coach Greg Jackson,” says Ximu, who explains what he’s up to.

“I was all set to compete at the No-Gi Brazilian Nationals, which I won last year. But St.-Pierre invited me to train with him again and I couldn’t turn down such an opportunity. I’ve been here a week so far and will stay one more,” says Ximu.

GSP, a Bruno Fernandes black belt, will face Josh Koshcheck on December 11 at UFC 124, where he will defend his welterweight belt.

“St.-Pierre is an extraordinary fighter and I’m certain he will keep his belt,” wagers Ximu.

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