Gracie Barra’s Chad “Robo” looks to SH1NE in 2010

By Justin Trapp

Simply stated, Gracie Barra Black Belt, Professor Chad “Robo” Robichaux, his received his share of blessing in 2009; leading Gracie Barra The Woodlands, and a family of his own; life in ’09 has been rewarding and busy. However, outside of the academy Robo has represented his Gracie Barra Team last year with an 8-0 Pro MMA record, all submission victories and never seeing a 3rd round. Recently in November Robo stepped into the cage, cornered by legendary Gracie Barra Professor, Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes and Coaches Todd Moore, Daniel Kim, and Lewis Wood to face off with a game and now 9-2 opponent. In true Jiu-Jitsu fashion Robo scored an early take down over the 20 year wrestling veteran and finished him in round 1 by rear naked choke earning him the Legacy FC Bantamweight Title.

Robo’s dominating win gave him the momentum to move into 2010 with great things on the horizon. He was found by matchmaker Ron Foster, and picked up by the newly prestigious promotion SH1NE Fights, who has stacked their fight rooster with a deep A-List of Fighters from USA, Brazil, Russia, UK, and Japan. Now fresh off signing his 3 fight deal with SH1NE, March 2010 will bring Robo to meet his toughest challenge yet, as he will be facing Japanese Super Star, Takafumi Otsuka. The bout will be aired on PPV and is sure to be a war. Foster, definitely made this one to be the crowd pleaser! Expect fireworks as these two fighters are very likely two of the most technical and athletic MMA practitioners in the world today.

Otsuka, like Robo, is no stranger to recent successes. The DREAM Veteran just picked up a huge win over the legendary Japanese great, Dokonjonosuke Mishima, earning the DEEP Championship Title Belt, becoming the #1 Featherweight in Japan and #10 Featherweight in the World.

Now, Otsuka has his eyes set on starting his career in the USA at 135lbs, but he will first have to face Robo who is sure to welcome him with warm greetings, clinched fists, and what is sure to be an extremely action packed bout. As usual the “Robo” training camp will consist of Robo’s team at Gracie Barra; to include Professor “Draculino” Magalhães, Dream Veteran Todd Moore, NABF Champion Pro Boxer Lewis Wood, and World Muay Thai Champ Daniel Kim, Wrestling Coach Jody Trantham, and Black Belt Professors Alex Gotay and Marcelo De Souza. It is also rumered that long time friend and UFC Vet. Rich “No Love” Clementi will be coming to spend some time with Robo in his preperation for the bout.

Also, don’t miss the Main Event between BJJ Black Belt / UFC Din Thomas and Former Boxing Great Ricardo Mayorga, followed by MMA stars; Murilo “Ninja” Rua, Alexandre “Cacareco”, Danillo “Índio” Villefort, Giva “The Arm Collector” Santana, Luciano “Luiz” Azevedo , Jeff Monson, Fabio Maldonado, and many many more.

We are looking forward to great fights at SH1NE III and another BIG win for Robo come March 2010!

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