GMA Newsflash IV: Jiu-Jitsu by the Sea, BJJ for MMA in Irvine, more space at GB Santa Ana, and last day to register for UGC

Lots of good news from our associates. Check it out.

Alberto Crane, of Legacy MMA, announces a busy week for the academy. His students will be competing at the Gracie Nationals. One of the coaches of the academy will be competing at the World Pro BJJ Cup, in Santa Cruz and Alberto himself is getting ready for another MMA bout at the  Called Out MMA event. More at

In Arizona, Gustavo Dantas announces the main sponsor for the upcoming 5th Arizona BJJ International Open, scheduled March 13 & 14th in Mesa, AZ. Many Weapons has been sponsoring BJJ Competitors such as: Gustavo Dantas, Steve Rosenberg, Kristina Barlaan, Issa Able,and the Broadnax Brothers. More at To register at the event, go to

Wellington “Megaton” Dias announces another seminar. The leader of Team Megaton, in Arizona, will be at the North West Martial Arts Academy next February 27th-28th . For more info, go to or call (541) 912-9099.

Browsing the website of our member Cadu Francis, we have found no breaking news, but we did found a taste of Cadu teaching. So, we direct you to this calss of the black belt teaching a arm bar from closed guard. Enjoy:

After organizing the World Pro BJJ Cup US west coast trials, in a partnership with Emirates Team leader Carlao Santos, to be held this Sunday, in Santa Cruz,  Claudio Franca is ready for yet another tournament. The Jiu-Jitsu by the Sea is scheduled February 6th and registration is open at

In Irvine, California, Gracie Barra America, has some great news too. The BJJ for MMA class is just about to kick off. Professor Marcio Feitosa will be in charge of the training. BJJ for MMA will take place on Wednesday, January 27th at 8:00PM and it is open to all Advanced and Black Belt Program members. On the same subjet of improving your skills, GBA will host a Braulio Estima Seminar next February 5th. Before January 31st, Gracie Barra students will pay only $50.  After that, the cost is $75. Non Gracie Barra students will pay $100 before January 31st and $150 after that. For more info, go to

Gracie Barra Corona, of Tom Reusing,  also in California, has launched a women’s self defense program. It is called “know means no” and already a success, as the picture shows. Next class is scheduled January 31st and February 7th and 21st. For more info, go to

Another GB branch with a innovative Idea to teach BJJ is Gracie Barra Dana Point, run by black belt Flavio Almeida. Last Saturday, the school kicked off its Buddy week.  The idea is for students to invite friends and family to go train with them and have a taste of what BJJ is all about. For more info, go to

And in Santa Ana, Ulpiano Malachias and his GB students had no rest during the hollyday season. They took the time to make improvements to the academy. The purpose is to bring more comfort to the classes. As you can see in the picture, they realy needed more room. For more info, go to

And GMA member Robson Pereira, of Team Pereira, in Pennsylvania, informs that this Wednesday, January 20th, is the last day to pre-register for UGC XI “ADRENALINE”. For more info, go to

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