Galvão celebrates victory at the 2015 ADCC and explains his trademark back take

Andre Galvão vs. Roberto Cyborg

Andre Galvão vs. Roberto Cyborg

summer promoOnce again the winner of the superfight, André Galvão went back to his home in San Diego, CA, with the trophy, the prize money and lots of lessons after the 2015 ADCC.

After a 6-0 win over Roberto Cyborg with two back takes, Galvão talked to GRACIEMAG’s Vitor Freitas about the match.

“It’s a position I like a lot. The back is always exposed during the match so I have been targeting it since I was a blue belt. It’s now an integral part of my game. During training, I repeated hundreds of times that movement. It’s natural for the opponent to give up his back to defend, no matter if he is on top or bottom.”

Galvão’s pressure and stamina were other aspects of his performance that were noticed by the crowd in São Paulo, two weeks ago. He said how important it is for him to be in top shape: “I have always minded my fitness level, since the white belt. It’s very important to have your body ready for the big demands of any competition. It’s also important to prevent injuries. I don’t think training Jiu-Jitsu alone is enough to be a big champion. You need to to some quality physical training as well.”

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