Gabi Garcia Reveals That She Suffered Physical Aggression & Embezzlement From Ex-Husband

Gabi Garcia, a multiple-time IBJJF and ADCC world champion, has shared that she was a victim of physical and psychological violence, as well as that she received death threats from her ex-husband Bruno Almeida.

She shared what happened via her social media on Tuesday (May 30). In one of the series of stories, Garcia is shown with a bloody nose, side-by-side with threats allegedly made by Almeida.

Gabi Garcia bleeding from nose

Garcia is saying that her ex-husband is asking for alimony, as well as accusing him of embezzling money from her bank accounts.

I didn’t believe this could happen, that someone could be that bad. A crook, a person who committed before being with me and after. A person with money asking for a pension, my purses and earrings.

During the video that you may see below, Garcia shows – among other things – the alleged death threats she was exposed to.
She filed for protective measures in the São Paulo court.


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Bruno Almeida issued a public statement, in which he claims that the accusations from Garcia are lies [translated from Portuguese]:

Gabrielle [Gabi Garcia] filed a request for protective measures at the Justice of the State of São Paulo, two years after the end of the relationship and when Bruno was already in another relationship, with the sole intention of causing legal harassment.

After collecting defeats in the judicial sphere, the result of the inveracity of what she accuses, Gabrielle resolved, on this date, to publish a video containing fabricated messages and disconnected photos where she attributed to Bruno a series of serious accusations, for which reason they have not prospered and which are no longer being properly dealt with.

For now, Bruno reiterates that the messages posted by Gabrielle in her social networks are lies.


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