Female Judo Champion Throws Security Guard During Public Confrontation

The nation of Kazakhstan is the home of a remarkable judo professional, Aigerim Abilkadirova who has won gold at many Judo international championships, notably the 2018 Aisan Judo Championships.

She has also won four bronze medals in prestigious tournaments, including Kazakhstan’s national events, European competitions, and Continental Championships Cadets. Additionally, she has secured six silver medals, showcasing her consistency and dominance in the sport. Her crowning achievement was winning the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Open held in Aktau.

Abilkadirova has also beauty pageant victories which have brought her to fame n her native country. At the recent talk show Ruh Fighting Championship (RFC) by Kazakhstan’s premier MMA organization, she had a heated exchange with a another guest. As emotions escalated, Abilkadirova threw a bottle in his direction and then effortlessly threw a male security guard a Judo throw.

Fortunately, the TV show’s host intervened swiftly, preventing further escalation. Clips of this unexpected altercation quickly spread online.

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