Felipe Pena Challenges Nicholas Meregali To No-Gi & Gi Match

If you’re a part of the BJJ community that wants to see a match between Nicholas Meregali and Felipe Pena, then you might be in luck…
Because Pena has challenged Meregali – to both a no-gi and gi match!

“Preguica” called out his potential opponent via social media:

Nicholas recently gave an interview saying he wanted to fight me in the gi…
I’m currently focused on nogi, training, evolving and waiting for my fight against Gordon to happen.

Until then, I really had no plans to put on the gi, but since Gordon was come back fighting but apparently he’s avoiding fighting me, I’d like to challenge Nicholas to have a nogi fight in the coming months and a gi fight at the beginning of next year.

A 2 fight contract.

Meregali responded in his usual style:

I just beat 2 world best no Gi and 2 world best Gi in only 21 days between fights. Give me a week off then we see.

But just mind that’s 2 more losses on ya record.

And, yes, Gordon Ryan addressed Pena’s claims that he’s avoiding a match against him:

Dude- how am I supposed to face you if you keep losing?


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