Felipe Costa invites one and all to unforgettable Christmas party

Armed with the best of intentions, Felipe Costa, Michelle Matta and João Marcelo announce that the 3rd Christmas get-together for the visually impaired at Rio de Janeiro’s Benjamin Constant Institute will be held at 4pm this coming December 15th.

In 2008 was present to capture the vibrant kids enjoying the end-of-the-year party. The joy wasn’t inspired just by the gifts, but mostly for their winning, in every sense.

The group in 2008. Photo: Gabriel Menezes

The group in 2008. Photo: Gabriel Menezes

Professor João Marcelo assays the three years of work, stating much progress with the children has been made.

“We increased the training load and class is packed with students. We managed four gold medals and now on the 12th the kids will compete at the Jiu-Jitsu Copa America, organized by Abi-Rihan.

“The group has become ever-more united. But the principal progress was made in their character. The ones who noted this change are their teachers at Benjamin Constant Institute. Beyond that, they are treating their teachers and classmates better,” he reports.

The New Year’s resolutions for the program organizers include the elaboration of teaching material, as João Marcelo explains, “In the texts we tell a bit about Jiu-Jitsu’s origins, the history of the families that developed it and we explain tournament point scoring. All that for them to not get caught up only in practice so they can start citing some theory.”

As with in 2008, one of the program’s teachers, Michelle Matta, requests that anyone with the means to do so contribute to the project. Several students will be promoted at the Christmas get-together.

To donate to the project:

Michelle da Cunha Matta (CPF: 042.269.037-65)

Agency: 3233-6 conta: 83.657-5

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