Felipe Costa: “I Lost So Many Times & In All Kinds Of Different Situations”

Felipe Costa is one of the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors of his generation…
However, before he reached this level of success, he had to push through a lot of failure.

In fact, Costa hasn’t won any major tournaments until he became a black belt!
He shared his story in an interview we did with him back in 2019:

I was completely unknown and the last person people would bet on to win in many tournaments and, even more so, the Worlds.

But, what I believe to be the reason behind my success as a black belt has a deep relation to the answer I gave previously about ego and the way I carry myself.

I was never a gold medalist in the colored belts at IBJJF; the best I did growing up was conquering minor tournaments that were not impressive at all.
But still, I was super proud of them.

Costa lost matches in all shapes and forms:

I lost so many times and in all kinds of different situations that you can imagine.

It’s not even a joke – think of a way to lose a fight. What came to your mind? Yep, I have lost that way.
That is how confident I am of my losses. (Laughs)

He kept going nevertheless… And eventually earned success:

But, even without a gold medal around my neck, I behaved like a champion, I carried myself like a champion, I trained like a champion, I focused on improving my technique as a champion.

So when the opportunity came, I was ready to take the gold and officially become the number one.

Read more on Felipe Costa’s experiences and wisdom in our full interview.


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