Dojo Storm Goes Awfully Wrong as MMA Instructor Humbles Guy Who Challenged Him

Muhsin Corbbrey, is a BJJ black belt with a doctoral candidate in Psychology and master’s degree from Boston University in Criminal Justice along with undergraduate degrees in public health, political science and homeland security and emergency management. He is the owner of MMA academy Champions Training Center (CTC), which is the biggest combat sports training facility in Savannah, Georgia.

Muhsin is a BJJ black belt, judo black belt and a muay Thai kru.

Recently Corbbrey’s academy was visited by Taylor Tallent who was taken into custody for sex crimes. Tallent challenged the instructor to a fight and it soon backfired on him.

Corbbrey explained in a post on social media:

“Three years ago this guy called my gym talking real reckless, saying he wanted to fight whoever was at the gym,” began the coach. “This was on a Saturday, so I had the phones forwarded to my cell, and was actually on the way to the gym to train one of my athletes. He was making the call from my gym parking lot, and said that he was here to fight, so I told him I would be pulling up shortly. When I get there, he hops out and immediately start blabbing.

“I tell him that we are a fighters’ gym, and beg him to just chill, and come try a class on Monday. I tell him that being a street fighter will not help him and he responds, ‘when I beat your ass will I still be a street fighter?’ With that being said, I made him sign a waiver, grabbed two pair of MMA gloves beat him up, choked him unconscious, and told him to get the f*** out of my gym.

The dojo stormer in question is Taylor Tallent. This is his Facebook profile, and this is his TikTok profile, which has an alarming number of followers. The Georgia Gazette published the following information, along with a mugshot.


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