Do You Have Competition Questions?

David Meyer has a ton of credentials, but for now I’m only going to mention three of them:

  1. He’s a BJJ Black Belt under the Machado brothers,
  2. He’s got a very solid record in BJJ and in submission grappling competition, and
  3. He’s the author of one of my favorite new books “Training for Competition: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling.”

Sometime in July of 2009 I’m hoping to interview David and pick his brain on the topic of competition. I want to get his take on the very best tournament strategies and tactics, advice on how to prepare for competition and reasons why one should compete at all.

If all goes well I’ll broadcast this interview on the next Grapplearts Radio Podcast.

Now I got a LOT of feedback about how informative my first podcast (the Jon Chaimberg interview) was, and how intelligent my questions were.

I had to laugh, of course, because a lot of those questions came directly from my readers – you guys! (Thanks again to everyone who sent me those questions).

So now I’m going to open up the process once again and ask does anyone has questions about any aspect of competition? If you want your competition questions answered by the man who quite literally wrote the book on the topic, then go to the contact link and send ’em in soon.

[frame bgcolor=”#FFC” version=”light”]Stephan’s note: This interview ended up happening and I was very happy with it.  I received a ton of questions from the Grapplearts readership and it made for a great interview.  Click here to listen to my chat with David Meyer about BJJ competition.[/frame]

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