Disturbing: MMA Referee Lets Unconscious Fighter Get Choked Out & Armbarred

Edgar Chairez and Gianni Vazquez were headlining the Fury FC 76 event with their flyweight bout…
However, it was the referee – Frank Collazo – who made the bout even more memorable, with his atrocious refereeing.

It was in the fourth round that Chairez caught Vasquez in a Triangle Choke – and put him to sleep at the 3:34 mark.
However, instead of stopping the fight, the referee just allowed Chairez to keep applying the choke… For full 20 seconds!

Commentators and other people who were ringside saw that the fighter was out and kept screaming: “He’s out!”
But the referee ignored the pleas, letting the fight go on.

At that point, Chairez switched to an Armbar – and the referee allowed him to apply the submission to the unconscious opponent.
Commentators were repeatedly screaming:

Frank, he’s done! He’s done! What are you doing?! What is he doing?? It’s done!

But Collazo nevertheless let the fight continue.

Vasquez seemed to regain some consciousness right as his arm was being bent and even seemed to confusingly tap with his foot… But the referee still kept it going.

It was only after Vasquez tapped again, this time with his arm, did the referee stop the fight.
Everyone was in shock so as to what happened. Watch the entire ordeal take place below:

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