Craig Jones Discusses Gordon Ryan’s Trash Talking: “This Guy Can’t Be Serious With This Sh*t”

Gordon Ryan is notorious for his trash talking, directed towards some of the rival BJJ athletes and teams – such as Craig Jones and his B-Team Jiu Jitsu.

But it appears that Craig isn’t too impressed with Gordon’s trash talking skills.
He revealed why in a recent YouTube video:

Gordon is always poking on the Internet, he’s always throwing sh*t out there.

Most of the times, it goes absolutely awful for him… He enters a battle of wits and he’s completely unarmed.
At some points, for his sake, I wish that he’s playing a character.

Trying to understand the way his brain works and processes the world is one of the most fascinating things ever.

Craig says that he sometimes wonders if Gordon is playing a game with his comments:

You know, sometimes I think that he’s baiting me this hard with the way he behaves.
You know, I’m like – is this thing next-level trolling? Because some of the stuff that he says, it’s got to be satire at some point.

When you’re, like: “This guy can’t be serious with this sh*t. Is this some Matrix-level (thing), where I think I’m f*cking with him, but he’s actually winning the long game, he’s the one laughing?”

Because it’s too easy at this point.

He’ll throw a comment out… No matter what happens, he’s like: “Ha ha, I beat you.” That’s the extent of our interactions.
And I think it could go on until the end of time.

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