Couture’s son wins at Strikeforce

Ryan Couture in photo by Esther Lin

Randy Couture’s son Ryan faced off with Maka Watson, Wanderlei Silva’s trusty sidekick. Ryan relied on his wrestling skills to dictate the action throughout the three round, earning the win by unanimous decision.

In the evening’s main event, Lorenz Larkin and Nick Rossborough took to standup firefight throughout the three-round affair. At the end of the bout, Rossborough’s face was visibly the more battered and Lorenz Larkin took the unanimous decision win.

(By collaborator Junior Samurai)

Check out the complete results:

Strikeforce Challengers 19
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
September 23, 2011

Lorenz Larkin defeated Nick Rossborough via unanimous decision;
Shawn Jordan submitted Lavar Johnson via americana arm lock in R2;
Ryan Couture defeated Maka Watson via unanimous decision;
Jason High defeated Todd Moore via unanimous decision;
Brian Melancon defeated Felipe Portela via unanimous decision;
James Terry knocked out Magno Almeida in R1;
Bobby Green submitted Charon Spain via triangle in R2;
Chris Spang defeated Joe Ray via unanimous decision.

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