Congratulations Denis Kang

My friend and training partner Denis Kang recently fought in the Pride Grand Prix, in the Yokohama Arena, Japan. To get to this point in the world’s most prestigious welterweight tournament he had already knocked out Brazilian fighter Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua and submitted tough Russian Amar Suloev

On the final night of the tournament (November 5th) he faced two opponents. First he beat veteran Japanese fighter Akihiro Gono to advance into the finals. Unfortunately in this fight he severely damaged his bicep and shoulder – probably while punching Gono in the head!

In his second fight that night, with his arm heavily taped, he faced Kazuo Misaki. At the end of a very exciting fight both fighters were still standing, and the decision went to the judges.

After some deliberation a split decision for Misaki was announced – I suppose one way of looking at it is that one of the judges thought that Denis was the best welterweight in the world and the other two thought that he was ‘only’ the second best.

Anyhow, huge props to Denis for a great performance and doing well in the two toughest, and back-to-back, fights of his career. We know you’ll be back in action as soon as you heal up!

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