‘Cobrinha vs Mendes was best of ADCC,’ says Braulio

Braulio Estima made the cover of this month’s GRACIEMAG, with his “Rebel Jiu-Jitsu.” After a gala exhibition in Spain, Carcara took the opportunity to extend his travels to other points on the globe.

“During the second half of January I’ll take a tour of the United States, making the most of the time off between championships,” says Estima, who lives in England.

“I aim to go from east to west: Boston, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado, California and Hawaii, returning through Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Texas and Florida. Anyone interested in having me at their academy, please contact me by email:, as I’m still organizing my itinerary,” says the Pernambuco native.

Braulio has been enjoying the repercussions of the GRACIEMAG cover, the second time he makes it. “It’s a shame the subtitle with my name is so small!” he chuckles, then changing his tone to serious. “Everyone said it was great. I signed a bunch of them, even a special one for my brother. I like it, I want more,” says the champion, before going on to assess ADCC 2009.


“To me the Rafael Mendes versus Cobrinha match was the best one, real intense and technical. They didn’t stop one second over 40 minutes. They impressed me not just with the movement, but with positions of all kinds and several escapes. Sharp attacks and defense, excellent,” the absolute champion assayed.

“Another standout was Marcelo, who even in losing the under 77kg final (to Pablo Popovitch) showed excellent attacks, always going for the finish – which we never tire of praising. Vinicius Pezao also surprised a lot of people with his attacks. Werdum and Xande (his adversary in the open weight final) also has an excellent championship,” he opined.

And anyone wishing to learn some of Braulio Estima’s slick Jiu-Jitsu techniques can download an entire class taught by the fighter, who inked a deal with and has been shooting footage of his techniques ever since the ADCC.

“Tim Lord, owner of, proposed I teach a weekly class, continuously, where I explain what lies behind invisible Jiu-Jitsu. It’s coming out great. I show several details and aspects like how I position myself, plan strategize, in every Jiu-Jitsu position possible, how I deal with different reactions from my opponent and so on. The series is perfect”, says the fighter.

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