Coach Slams Commission For Not Stopping The Fight Amidst Outrageous Fury FC 76 Refereeing

Last weekend’s Fury FC 76 event went viral, due to referee Frank Collazo not stopping the fight… Not even nearly on time.

Edgar Chairez locked a Triangle Choke against Gianni Vasquez and put him to sleep, but referee Collazo didn’t stop the match.
Not even after numerous pleas from the commentators did the official put an end to the bout, but instead he let Vasquez get choked for 20 seconds – before allowing his opponent to transition to an Armbar.

It was only after Vasquez woke up and tapped to an injured arm did the referee stop the fight.

Vasquez’s corner was trying to stop the fight as well.
However, according to Bloody Elbow, the veteran MMA coach Colin Oyama claimed that a commission inspector blocked the corner’s attempts to stop the fight:

This ref needs to lose his job. And also the idiot inspector in my corner who refused to stop the fight even after I asked him to intervene and told him that my guy was out.

Because of the stupidity of these two, my fighter may have possible fractures in his elbow joint according to the ER that we went to.

It’s always funny how Athletic commissions are always warning us to act accordingly and show them the respect that they deserve.

Respect? The only thing these two commission guys deserve is to get fired. I had to watch my kid get his arm snapped off, while neither of you did a damn thing, hell I even threw a damn water bottle in there to try and stop the fight.

Just because you work for the athletic commission doesn’t mean you are above reproach.
You both need to be held accountable for your stupidity.

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