Cacareco and master comment on impending UFC debut

Rudimar and Cacareco. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Alexandre Cacareco wreaking havoc on his opponents is no recent thing, whether at grappling tournaments, like the ADCC, or in MMA. However, the one thing missing was for the fighter to return to combat for a big promotion. Not anymore: Cacareco signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and makes his debut at UFC 122 in Germany on November 13.

“I think he’ll put on a great show, because he’s been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and now it’s come. He’ll debut in Germany, so there isn’t much more than a month to go, and against Vladimir Matyushenko. He’s a great opponent, but Cacareco will do well for sure. I’m going to help him as much as I can to be sure it happens,” says Rudimar Fedrigo, the master at Chute Boxe, to

Now Cacareco is overjoyed with his shot in the UFC:

“I was even on the Sensei SporTV show (Brazilian television program) where I said I’d become unmotivated for going so long without appearing in a big event. Master Rudimar told me things were moving, but I never believed it would happen nor that the opportunity would be in the UFC. When he called me yesterday (Tuesday) and told me I was in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, I was overjoyed. I’m where every fighter wants to be!” he says in celebration.

“I just got kind of desperate, because there’s only a month till the fight and I was kind of off focus. But I have this time to get my body up to speed,” he adds.

Cacareco uses his grappling prowess to great effect. Photo: Carlos Ozório

For his opponent, Vladimir Matyushenko, Cacareco has nothing but respect.

“His heart and determination is unarguable. He’s a warrior who doesn’t duck a fight and he’s really tough. He’s fought in the UFC against top opponents. I’m coming in now so it’s hard to say things about those who are already there”

In the division I admire Shogun and Lyoto” Cacareco

In one of the most stacked division there is (light heavyweight), packed with stars, the fighter doesn’t hide who his favorites are.

“The two top fighters I admire most are Shogun and Lyoto. One is the champ and the other is the former champ. To me they’re the best,” says Cacareco in closing, asking the support of the fans.

“I’d like to ask that everyone cheers for me on November 13 and to thank Master Rudimar, who is the main reason these things are happening for me.”

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