Brazilian elite police officer features at Bitetti Combat

Eduardo next to Bitetti / Photo: Carlos Ozório

This Saturday, policeman Eduardo Herdy, 33, will be making his MMA debut. An instructor for elite Brazilian police force CORE and a student of one of Carlson Gracie’s 109 black belts, Osiris Maia, Herdy is set to take on Fabiano Conceição at Bitetti Combat 10.

“I like challenges, I like fighting. Martial arts have been a part of me throughout my life. I started when I was four years old and haven’t stopped since. I don’t feel age will be an obstacle for me in MMA, I’m prepared for the fight, that’s what matters,” he guarantees.

Undefeated in amateur boxing and holding a number of gentle art titles, Herdy compares fighting with his work on the police force. “Being an instructor in the Rio de Janeiro police is being able to merge two of my life choices, being a fighter and being a police officer. I’m driven by adrenaline. That’s where my stimulus for doing MMA comes from,” recounts Herdy, who literally has a battalion behind him in training.

“I want to thank the Polícia Civil for the support, as well as my masters Osiris Maia and Ricardo Tinha, all my training partners, my nutritionist Adriana Tannure, my physical conditioning coach Ítablo Vilardo, and my friends Gabriel Willcox, Raphael Abi-Rihan and Felipe Frank,” he said in finishing.

Check out the card as it stands:

Bitetti Combat 10
Botafogo gymnasium, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
October 15, 2011

Mini GPs 77kg

1) Ivan Batman (Thiago Tavares) vs André Chatuba (Relma)
Edilberto Crocotá (Champions) vs Moisés dos Santos (Parazinho/Belém)

2) Julio César Merenda (TFT) x Emanuel Martins (Delfim)
Julian Jabá (RFT) x Gersinho Conceição (BTT)

Alternate bouts:

Elton Teixeira (Lambreta/Osvaldo Alves) vs Danilo Patusco (Pelezinho/BTT)
Eduardo Herdy (Instrutor do Core) vs Fabiano Conceição (Nativo/Chapéu Mangueira)
Luciano Izzy (Brazilian Fight) x Maurício Reis (BTT)

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