BJJ Black Belt Recalls ‘Terrifying Experience’ Training with Rousimar Palhares: ‘He Doesn’t Even Score Points, He Just Submits’

A great name in the history of Grappling, Rousimar Palhares , known as Toquinho, was one of the leg lock pioneers – which is currently popular in No Gi Jiu-Jitsu. During a chat on the “Connect Cast” podcast, Patrick Gaudio , a Jiu-Jitsu black belt and Brazilian champion, revealed details of the training he had with the former UFC fighter .

Gaudio said that he trained with Toquinho in 2018 and was amazed at the man from Minas Gerais who masterfully performed leg locks: “I trained with him (Toquinho), four or five times. We did physical preparation together, he always called me to train (Grappling), I thought: ‘This guy is going to hurt me’ (laughs). He’s a very good guy. I went to train with him once, you got on him and he came out with a heel hook”, said the Jiu-Jitsu black belt, who went on:

“He takes one, two, three, four… all in the foot lock. He didn’t score, he just finished. I said: ‘Wow, Toquinho’. Then he: ‘you are very good’. I said I was watching (laughs). He’s very good at what he does, when he locks in (foot lock), you feel pressure and you hit”, concluded the multi-champion in Jiu-Jitsu.

Patrick Gaudio:

Currently 43 years old, the man from Minas Gerais boasts an MMA record of 19 wins, 12 losses and one draw. His recent matches are not encouraging. In six fights, counting mixed martial arts and grappling, Palhares lost all of them. The last victory came in 2017 against Alexey Ivanov, where he submitted the opponent with a heel hook in 37 seconds.

Check out the heel hook setup from Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares’s latest instructional ‘Heel Hunting’ in the video above.

In this course, Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares will teach you how to attack quickly and effectively for submissions from all positions, increasing drastically your success rate on the mats!

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