Bia Mesquita details plan to debut in MMA this year

Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

A world BJJ champion and ADCC gold medalist, Beatriz Mesquita already has her new big step in her sights. The star from Gracie Humaitá intends to change things up in 2020.

Bia Mesquita told Marcelo Dunlop, after a special seminar held in Natal, that she will be diving headfirst into mixed martial arts. The plan will be set in motion after the BJJ Worlds, which is scheduled for May 27–31. She says she will then do some amateur fights before going into professional MMA.

Here’s our interview.

GRACIEMAG: What are your plans for going into MMA?

BIA MESQUITA: The goal is to debut in MMA this year. After the BJJ Worlds, to focus only on MMA — but I won’t abandon BJJ! I want to compete whenever possible, but I will be taking a hard turn towards MMA after this season, which ends with the Worlds. It’s a new challenge, and I think it will open many doors for women’s BJJ — show we’re growing and have the power to overcome any barriers.

Do you have a good offer for your debut?

I got some offers indeed, but I can’t spoil the surprise. I haven’t decided yet, but what I can say is I will start in MMA as an amateur. BJJ is just a fraction of what an MMA athlete needs. My strong suit is BJJ — I won’t abandon that. It’s what I want to bring into MMA as a base, but there’s lots more involved.

Mentally, what do you expect from this new phase as a fighter?

I’m certain the adrenaline will be very different. It will be all new to me, so it’s gonna be pretty crazy. But that’s what I expect. Even so, I think my period in amateur MMA will be a short one, going as soon as possible into the professional sport, with the mission of bringing lots of pride to everybody who roots for me.

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