Belfort, what if you were challenged by a friend?

Belfort in his return to the UFC, with a win over Rich Franklin. Photo: Josh Hedges

The UFC top brass have had enough of this story of training partners not wanting to face each other, those days are coming to an end. Vitor Belfort has accepted the challenge posed by the organization of facing Anderson Silva for middleweight title this coming April 10 in Abu Dhabi. The fact they have trained together in the past, whether at Minotauro Team or at Black House, did not prompt a negative response from the Rio native.

The one who didn’t like it one bit was Anderson, which became in remarks he made to the media. But what would Belfort think if a sparring partner or teammate of his were to challenge him in the near future?

“If tomorrow I’m training with someone they want me to fight, I’ll think that’s fair. I’m secure enough to say to the person, ‘Your time has come and, if you win, you did nothing more than what you were obligated to.’  It’s a cycle and we all have to let go of thinking it is something personal. Not at all, it’s professional,” he is quoted as saying in NOCAUTE magazine 84, now on newsstands in Brazil.

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