Anderson on Yahoo! Brasil top 10

Anderson Silva kicks Sonnen. The champion was one of the hottest topics among Brazilian sports fans in 2010. Foto: Josh Hedges.

The Yahoo! Brasil website released the most-talked-about sporting topics on the web in 2010 yesterday, based on searches on the search engine and the articles garnering the most clicks. Soccer was the standout of the year, with Neymar and Adriano taking the lead, but formula 1 and volleyball were not far behind.

“Milllions of people got on Yahoo! Brasil in 2010 to get up to date, perform searches, and connect with people and topics they consider to be relevant,” says Rafael Alvez, Yahoo! Brazil editor-in-chief. “The searches point out the trends in unser interest. Users get on the internet to be better informed and get up to date on news that peaks their interest,” adds Alvez.

The ranking is composed of the ten subjects that most caught Brazilians’ attenton and prompted them to click on the headlines on the Yahoo! Brasil homepage either on their computers or cell phones. To put together the Yahoo! Brasil Top 10, the most popular news items were taken into account based on a series of factors, including overall volume, increases compared to previous periods, and editorial selection to identify main themes and trends. Users and their content searches and selections are kept anonymous.

The most popular search topics can be found at the following link:

Check out the Sports Top 10 in Brazil:



Felipe Massa

Brazilian volleyball

Rafael Nadal

Ronaldinho Gaúcho


Mano from national soccer team

Vagner Love

Anderson Silva

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