Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio: the black-belt finalists

Patrick Gáudio beat Xande Ribeiro via decision to advance in the 94kg division. Carlos Arthur Jr.

A rainy day was no match for a crowd hungry for some top-tier BJJ this Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, as they turned up en masse at Arena Carioca 1 this time to witness the technique on display by brown- and black-belts.

Household names like Xande Ribeiro, Celsinho Venicius and Fernandinho Vieira wound up falling by the wayside and will not return for the finals on Sunday.

Others, like João Miyao, Igor Silva, Isaque Bahiense, Patrick Gáudio and Hugo Marques, fared better and will be returning. Bia Mesquita, Ana Carolina Vieira, Bia Basílio and Cláudia do Val will also be vying for gold.

Additionally, the final day will feature an Abu Dhabi Legends superfight between two former UFC athletes: Carlão Barreto (Carlson Gracie) and Rafael Carino (Nova União).

Sunday’s finals will be as follows:


56kg – José Carlos Lima (GFTeam) vs. David Herrera (Soul Fighters)
62kg – João Miyao (Cícero Costha) vs. Hiago Goerge (Cícero Costha)
69kg – Rafael Mansur (NS Brotherhood) vs. João Gonçalves (Alliance)
77kg – Hugo Marques (Soul Fighters) vs. Ricardo Lima (NS Brotherhood)
85kg – Isaque Bahiense (Alliance) vs. Gustavo “Braguinha” (NS Brotherhood)
94kg – Guilherme Santos (Alliance) vs. Patrick Gaudio (GFTeam)
110kg – Igor Silva (Commando Group) vs. Gerard Labinski (NS Brotherhood)


49kg – No final. Mayssa Bastos had no opponents.
55kg – Amanda Nogueira (GFTeam) vs. Mayara Abraão (GFTeam)
62kg – Bia Mesquita (Gracie Hmaitá) vs. Bia Basílio (Almeida JJ)
70kg – Ana Carolina Vieira (GFTeam) vs. Thamara Silva (Cícero Costha)
90kg – Cláudia do Val (De la Riva) vs. Heloisa Ferreira (Alliance)

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