A better world, Gi by Gi

If you train Jiu-Jitsu for some time, you sure can help.

Take that old Gi that you don’t use anymore but it’s still in good shape and donate for those that share your passion for the gentle art.

Give a Gi is a non-profit organization created by brown belt Christian Graugart (read more about him here), 26, from Denmark.

He explains what led him to create the campaign: “In 2010, I got the idea to travel around the world to train BJJ in any society and country I could get to in five months. The BJJ Globetrotter project was realized in 2011 and during the trip, I visited many gyms, where people (kids especially), trained with very, very little equipment and very simple facilities. During the trip and with exposure on my blog, I managed to coordinate several shipments of gis to gyms around the world, where they were highly needed. After coming home, I decided, that I would organize things more, which gave birth to the “give a gi” project.”

You can help donating the actual Gi or money.

Log on to Give a Gi and learn more on how to help.

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