Dentō Coolmax Rash Guard - Sensō Jiu Jitsu

Dentō Coolmax Rash Guard



The new Dentō Coolmax rash guard allows you to train and remain comfortable no matter how much you sweat. Famous for wicking moisture away from the body, the Coolmax fabric keeps you dry and moving easily with or without the gi.

It's perfect as an "under gi" piece isolating the body from a soggy gi. 

Using as a NOGI rash guard, it's impressive how dry and cool it feels during training.

Dentō means tradition in Japanese. The design is concentrated in one of the arms featuring elements of the samurai and Japanese cultures. The other arm features a large Senso logo and Jiu Jitsu is written in Japanese characters on the left rib area.

Featured athlete: Carlos "Tadanado" Rocha

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