Fernando Romero

I started my BJJ journey in May of 1994 after watched a Vale-Tudo Challenge
Jiu-Jitsu vs. Kung Fu. I was a capoeira fighter and realized that if someone
throw me on the ground, I did not have skills to defend myself.
Then I went to a BJJ School and understood that BJJ allows you to be
successful against a bigger and stronger opponent.
Since than I never stopped training.
Due to other priorities, I trained in many different academies.
- Cia Paulista – Master Waldomiro Peres Jr. and Max Trombini (White to
Blue Belt)
- Carlson Gracie Team – Master Fabio Araújo
- AOA – Master Otávio de Almeida (Purple Belt)
- Yamazaki – Master Cadu Francis and Murilo Santana
- B13 – Master Roberto Machado
- Barbosa JJ – Master Marco Barbosa and Patricia Lage (Brown and Black
By training with many different masters, I had the opportunity to learn different
styles and incorporate to mine the best positions and techniques according to
my body type.
I love to train and roll, but not to compete to much.
I participated in some tournaments Gi and No Gi and won few.
I got my black belt with Barbosa Team in 2007 and today I am 3 rd degree black
Today I am 48 year old and still training.


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