Smooth Butterfly Sweep to Rolling Back Combo – Nick Albin

Jose commented on a recent video asking about a Butterfly Sweep to Rolling Back Take combo that was in the video.

So while I was working on videos for my new White Belt series. I wanted to answer his question.

I’ve placed chunks of the BJJ class where Adam and I were rolling. In the video I countered his reverse Half Guard position and switched it into a Butterfly Sweep. I attempted to sweep him to one side, it failed so I came back up to a square position. Then I switched the Butterfly sweep to the other side.

Right after the sweep he shot into a Deep Half Guard. I countered this by keeping my hips back which caused us to land in a Quarter Mount position.

From there I did a very simple rolling back take. Literally, it’s a glorified front roll. So if you try this move. Don’t over think it.

When you watch these techniques being used. It seems that it’s some sort of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu combo that I have because they flow together smoothly.

But it isn’t! What happens often during Brazilian Jiujitsu is that you do moves based on the circumstances. Your opponent does this, so you do this. That kind of thing.

This is just a situation where I’ve done the Ghost Sweep (as I call it) countless times as well as the forward roll to the back. The moves connected together without any sort of grand design. I didn’t plan on taking the back when I initiated the sweep.

Lastly, in the video I share a few quick details on attacking the rear naked choke right off the back. Instead of just getting to back mount and holding. I really like coming in for the finish right off the bat.

Thanks for the question Jose! And I hope the video is useful to any of you playing from the Butterfly Guard or if you get caught in the Quarter Mount / Quarter Guard position.

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