Renzo Gracie Back Take: Spread the Chicken

Learn how to apply Renzo Gracie’s favorite way to finish from the back. This is a submission set up that he used countless times in his competitive Jiu-Jitsu career and his MMA fights.

It all starts with a back take where you’ve got your hooks in and your opponent goes in turtle:

I don’t want him here in turtle. This will allow him to stand up and work his way out.
So the first thing I’ll do is to make sure that I have one hand under his armpit so that I make sure that I don’t fall forward.
I bring my hips back and I connect the soles of my feet together and I squash him.
So it gets very heavy and prevents him from bringing back his knees to the floor.
Now I’m ready to sneak in my hand and be ready for the finish.
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