Renzo Gracie Arm-in Guillotine Secret unveiled

Learn how to apply Renzo Gracie’s most feared submission hold (the arm-in guillotine) and listen to his memories of the Pride debut on October of 1997.

“We used to extend our legs and squeeze, and it made me lost the finish,” says Renzo Gracie, remembering his fight against Akira Shoji on Pride 1, 20 years ago and how he used this frustration to develop his more lethal weapon.
“I went to study the move in the locker room. Then I used it to choke Sanae Kikuta months later, and Pat Miletich almost a decade afterward.”
In this video above, Renzo remembers the whole process. He also shows the ins and outs of the arm-in guillotine. Check it now and enroll to “Renzo Gracie – Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.” at Gallerr.
The course has over 225 videos and all Renzo’s favorite techniques. Enroll now at GALLERR ACADEMY .
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