Over Under Pass: This Pass Got Me Into Trouble Early On, Now I Love It

The Over Under Pass has been one of my favorite Guard Passes to use in Bjj since I was a late White Belt, early Blue Belt.

I originally watch competitors like Pablo Popovitch use it successfully and I wanted to try and incorporate the Guard Pass into my top game arsenal.

Initially, I found a lot of issues with the pass. And often this guard pass got me submitted early on. I would get caught in Kimuras, Triangle chokes and often the pass just didn’t seem to work.

Overtime, and lots of mistakes, I was able to develop the ability to use the Over Under Pass in my Brazilian Jiujitsu training and competitions. Now I love it.

In this video, I answer a question I received from Twitter about tips with the Over Under Guard pass in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

I share a few basic tips on finishing the pass itself. But much of the video is me discussing a lot of the mistakes I made when I initially began using the pass in BJJ.

If you’re trying to add this versatile option into your Guard Passing techniques. I hope the tips in this video help you avoid some of the common mistakes.


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