My Legs Get Tired When Finishing The Triangle

for those who watch the channel, know me personally, or see that I am a 6’3 skyscraper know that the triangle is my favorite submission. I have been doing it for 12 years now and have over 100 submission victories with the triangle. Anyways to stop your legs from gassing you should start to attack multiple submissions at once with the triangle use it to attack the arms and create diversions so you can tighten the triangle up. Sometimes you will land it picture perfect with the arm locked in across sometimes it will require some work to get the finish. I have more success when I don’t lock it in right away by attacking both arms until I get something (armbar or the triangle) I also stated that I don’t squeeze at all. What I meant by that is I’m not squeezing to finish the triangle I am just squeezing enough to keep my feet crossed like the guard. Again I’m still squeezing but it doesn’t have to be as tight as possible if I’m attacking the arms and posture.

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