I Can’t Choke from Back Mount (They Have Strong Grip On My Sleeve)

Do you ever get to Back Mount in BJJ but are unable to finish the choke because someone is gripping onto your gi and you’re unable to free your other hand?

This is a common issue with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in the gi. Recently one of the viewers, Nick, had a similar issue and jokingly asked if he should quit gi Brazilian Jiujitsu all together and do 10th Planet BJJ.

I answered the question in one of my Chewy ramble videos:
Watch it here:

In that video I talked about letting go of the frustration associated with grips and just continuing to work hard.

In this video I give some more tactical advice on how to maneuver around the grip while going for the submission in Back Mount.

1. One option is to use your hips and body to break the grip so you can come back in for the choke.

2. Another option I show actually involves choking with 1 arm.

3. The last option involves switching the hips to change the Back Mount position and change the choking arm side to finish the choke.

If you’re having the same problem Nick is having with your BJJ training or competition rolling. I hope this video and the tips in it helps!


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