Galvao Shares Highlight From Calasans Match

ADCC 2017 Super Fight – Helsinki, Finland

Andre Galvao became the most super fight winner of ADCC’s History def. the ADCC 2015 absolute champion Claudio Calasans by 14×0. Galvao conquered his 3rd super fight victory breaking the records of ADCC super fight victories, not only that Galvao is the only Grappler on the planet holding 5 ADCC World Titles total – ADCC 2011 weight & absolute, ADCC Super Fight Champion 2013, ADCC Super Fight Champion 2015, ADCC Super Fight Champion 2017.
Galvao also def Braulio Estima (ADCC 2009 Absolute Champion & 2011 Super Fight Champion) via RNC in 2013 and also def Roberto Abreu Cyborg (ADCC 2013 Absolute Champion) in 2015 by 6×0

Galvao will be facing the ADCC 2017 Absolute Champion Felipe Pena at ADCC 2019 Super Fight – Main Event.

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