Effective BJJ Kimura Finish (Even Works on Big People) – Nick Albin

One of my favorite submissions in Brazilian JiuJitsu is the Kimura. It’s a versatile BJJ technique that can be done from both bottom or top. As a submission or a setup to other attacks and positions. And there are so many variations of the technique itself.

And it seems to favor people with shorter stronger arms. Which is a physical quality I have.

In this video I take a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu question from Jeffrey on Twitter who inquired about tips on finishing the Kimura against someone who is pushing against his hip which prevents him from stepping over. I didn’t have a video of it but I assumed he’s trying this from side control.

In this video I show one of my favorite Kimuras to use in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I do it in BJJ competitions and rolling in the gym. I bypass the stepping over part completely in lieu of just going around to North South to execute the technique.

Just be careful with it, because they catch comes fast on this one.

If you’re looking for another variation of the Kimura in BJJ. Give this one a try. If you do, I hope it works for you!


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