Countering The Spider Lapel + Lasso Guard – Bernardo Faria

This is one of the techniques from my Newest DVD that is coming soon on – “The Pressure Passing Battle Tested 4 DVD”

As I have been receiving A LOT of questions about the Pressure Passing, I decided to make a new Instructional to clear out all these questions that you guys have been dealing with.

Also I included 29 clips of myself sparring with tough brown and black belts, only working on my guard passing, and I narrated every single one, to make sure you guys understand what I’m thinking while I’m passing someone’s guard.

I think it will help you a lot, because many times we learn the technique, but we don’t know the right time to use it. So to pass someone’s guard, specially with pressure passing, timing is very important, because we can’t rush to do it, we gotta go slow and with a lot of patient. That’s why I always say that I believe that this the perfect game for the older grapplers, or the ones who are not athletic, explosive or fast.

I hope you guys enjoy this video and keep an eye opened on your email because we will launch it very soon with very limited amount of copies.

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