Back Take Counter to a Frustrating Half Guard Position in BJJ – Nick Albin

The Reverse Half Guard position can be a terrible position for the bottom Half Guard player.

When used correctly, the reverse Half Guard position provides the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner on top with the ability to put some massive pressure down as well as open up options for submissions as well as guard passes.

And like many escaping scenarios in BJJ. If you’re slow to react. The bad position goes from bad to worse.

So in this video, at the request of one of my Brazilian Jiujitsu students. I’m showing one of my favorite BJJ techniques to counter or escape this nasty Half Guard position which can be incredibly frustrating.

The basic idea of the position is to move the top person around just enough so that you can hip out and get Back Mount. Being able to take the back and escape the threat of a guard pass or submission at the same time is pretty sweet.

A fun story about this is that I show this move to a friend of mine once on the warm up mats during a tournament.

Later that day he actually used this technique successfully to take someone’s back and win his BJJ tournament.

Hope the move helps you too!

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