Attacks from Half-guard by Rafael “Sapo” Natal

A position made famous by Roberto “Gordo” Correa in the competitive scene of the 1990s, the offensive half-guard has been studied and improved upon ever since. With each new season, we observe, in both arenas and dojos, many novelties regarding this position — which is characterized by the passer having one of their legs trapped by the guard player’s legs. The half-guard offers much more space and mobility to the passer than the closed guard. This mobility, however, can act as bait, as if the guard player were attracting their opponent to a minefield. These are the traps that you will be studying this week with the help of a true specialist: the UFC’s Rafael “Sapo” Natal. Sweeps, reversals, progressions to the back — and submissions, of course. Sapo’s menu contains eleven ways to attack. You will become able to combine moves, forming a wide net of double and triple attacks. You will easily transition through different types of half-guard — from the traditional one to the deep half-guard. You will be able to apply moves in classical and no-gi jiu-jitsu alike. What’s more, you will get the best advice on what must be avoided during usage of the half-guard — like, for instance, letting your opponent get your back flat on the ground. With an extensive MMA record (31w, 9l, 1d), Sapo transmits all of the knowledge he acquired in the rings with refined didactics

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