Brazil 021 Christmas Project

Thank you for your support last year for the Kids Christmas Party in Brazil, Also for donating Gis to the Brazil-021 Project. We would like to count on you one more time, to make the kids party this year even better! 
To donate this year simply buy a Brazil-021 Competition T-shirt 2014. It will be signed by the founders of the Brazil-021 Project (Professors Andre Terencio and Hannette Staack). All the profit will be donated to the kids in Brazil 
We have a lot of good news for the next year, we are building a new website with all the information about this project, Also how can you help and what we have been doing over there for those kids.
We wish you a wonderful 2015 and we Thank you one more time for your support! 
Contact us at:

For more info and to participate with donations etc go to

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