Open minded Fabio Leopoldo holds a seminar at Gracie Morumbi

You have to admire Fabio Leopoldo. The leader of Gracie Morumbi academy is a former World Champion but still keeps the open mind knowing that everyone has something to show, and he wants to learn. To prove the point Fabio hosted a seminar at his academy conducted by one of his students. Kai Ellison is a Blue belt under Fabio with a penchant for taking the back and using the berimbolo with great efficiency, so Fabio thought it would be a great idea to have Kai share his knowledge at Gracie Morumbi. Other students at the academy felt the same way as 8 Black belts showed up and attended the seminar to learn from Kai.

I remember someone wise saying "Be open to learning. Always keep the mind set of the white belt who is eager to absorb everything."

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